After Birth

Classic Postnatal Ayurvedic Treatments


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“The mother needs rest and care so that the process of breast-feeding will start smoothly and mother and child can get into a rhythm.”                  

– Geeta S. Iyengar




Based on my experience as a mother of two boys and from my experience as a Yoga teacher/body therapist, I understand that most women make some effort during pregnancy to take care of themselves and prepare for birth. But suddenly after the birth, most women forget about caring for their body because the newborn baby and the new life situation drains all their energy and attention.


Recovery Care for the Mother

Ayurveda teaches that it is very important to care for the mother after birth and help her regain her stamina and strength by adequate rest, nutritious food and regular oil treatments.

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Full Ayurveda Postnatal Treatment: 90 min

This is a traditional Ayurvedic full-body massage with warm herbal oils but modified for women who have just given birth. This is an important treatment for a woman to help nourish, rebuild and replenish her body after birth. This deeply relaxing treatment can also help to shorten her recovery time as well as prevent post-natal depression.

Post-birth, I create a personalized, Individual Postnatal Treatment Program by combining several treatments plans according to the specific needs of each individual.

In addition to the Ayurveda Postnatal Treatment, I also offer a thorough Ayurveda Reflexology Treatment. This massage focuses on lymphatic drainage throughout the body. It helps the mother to regain her energy levels after birth by decongesting the drainage pathways, while also improving the function of her inner organs. This treatment also improves the quality and proper functioning of the mother’s breast milk.

Another popular treatment includes, Special Abdominal and Pelvic Draining. This continues to assist with decongestion but mainly focuses on toning the uterus, pelvic area and lower abdomen. This ultimately helps the abdominal area to regain its original muscle tone and skin tonus.

Similarly, Reiki Treatments and Cranio Sacral Treatments will help the mother’s pelvis to return to it’s original, pre-pregnant shape. These treatments are deeply relaxing and assist with the bonding process after birth. They also greatly improve the mother’s sleep and general mood.

In conclusion, it is important to aid the body in regaining its stamina and original shape. The focus of all the Ayurvedic treatments as well as the  Postnatal Yoga Program is to assist this process; helping the body return to its pre-birth muscle tone as well as support the mother in rebuilding her energy and health.

After all taking care of a baby requires a mother to be lifefit!

Private Ayurveda- Postnatal Treatment Program- Options

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The Ayurvedic Postnatal Self-Care Program

Based on many years of experience, I recommend ongoing treatments as a part of a consistent Postnatal Self-Care Program. The focus of this program is to receive Ayurvedic/Healing treatments on a regular basis at routine intervals. The only way to consistently rejuvenate and detox the mother’s body after birth is to set up a periodic schedule. It is only then, that I can insure the complete benefits from the treatments I offer.

I understand from my own experience that it is not convenient to leave home with a newborn baby while one is still recovering from birth. With this in mind, I provide house-calls for the first 2-3 weeks immediately after birth. The Classic Ayurveda Tradition teaches that during the first 40 days after birth, a mother and baby should rest and receive oil treatments. I also recommend weekly treatments for the first five to six weeks following birth. This will assist with rebounding, as well as optimize the rejuvenation process; both of which are vital to forming a sold base of health from day one.

For the First 5 weeks right after birth: by arrangement at your home or in my office

Block of 5-treatments: 5x 1h30min home visits and/or office visits every week 

Option 1: Block of 5-treatments:       90min every week or two weeks

Option 2: Block of 3-treatments:       90-120 min once a month

Option 3: A Block of 5-treatments 70min every week or every two weeks

Please click on Self-Care Program for more information.


Private Postnatal Health Program

A combination of Yoga and Ayurvdea during the first nine-months of recovery after birth

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Most people know that a pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. In this time frame, a baby grows in the mother’s womb and a mother’s body and mind prepares itself for birth and the new life with her child. Only a few realize however, that there are three trimesters after birth as well! In these nine postnatal months the woman’s body slowly returns back to it’s original shape (it took my body two years!). From the Ayurvedic and Yogic point of view, it is important to nourish and support the mother’s mind and body in order to get back to, not only her original shape, but to also increase her strength, vitality, firmness, as well as flexibility and youthfulness.

In my opinion, the best options to help a mother with her post-natal recovery, including a return to her ideal shape and state of wellness, is a well-balanced combination of specialized Yoga exercises and Ayurvedic treatments.

Masala tea and ingredientsIn the Private Postnatal Health Program I have developed, we focus specifically on the needs of the mother in each one of the three trimesters after birth. Each women has her own personal wishes and ideals, but generally, I think it is important for every woman to feel healthy, fit and beautiful according to her own body and circumstance.

Especially as a new mother with all her new responsibilities! And if the mother feels well, usually the baby feels well too!

Treatments and Private Yoga classes at regular intervals following your birth is most often the best choice in order to maximize a woman’s optimal health benefits. It is also a beautiful and holistic way to nourish yourself and your baby during the first nine-months after giving birth.


A combination of Yoga and a treatment

Combination 1:

5 class/treatment course                     2h

10 class/treatment course                   2h

Combination 2:        

5 class/treatment course                     2,5h

10 class/treatment course                   2,5h


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 An Important Afterword:

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Nowadays, in the Western World the mother has to be a “super-woman” and do everything by herself. This is a big strain on both mother and baby and can interfere with many things, including, her recovery after birth, breastfeeding and the bonding process between mother and baby. Postpartum depression is the only known clinical symptom that results from this overwhelming post-birth scenario. Especially, if the woman is over thirty or close to forty, then it is all the more important to help her regain her original state of health, which includes mental and emotional balance as well as physical shape.

“The first beautiful weeks and months with your new-born baby will never come back and can shape your life as a mother and the baby’s life permanently. The more relaxed this time is for you and the baby, the more balanced will be your new life as family!”

                                                                                                                       – Gayatri