Health Program

Private Health Program

Gesteck mit Zweigen und Kerze

A combination of:

1.)Private Yoga Program

  • Classic Yoga Training
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Program

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2.)Private Ayurveda Program

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program
  • Ayurvedic Treatment Program

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After twenty-two years of working in the field of health and healing, I have developed a very unique and holistic Ayurvedic Private Health Program.

In a very effective blend of Yoga, Ayurveda and healing modalities, the Private Health Program’s goal is to help you get back in touch with your own inherent wisdom and natural sense of balance. I, as your teacher will guide and support you in how to use the ancient teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda in a private one-on-one setting. I will also show you how to apply these teachings, on a regular basis, to your own daily life.

The benefits of these two Vedic Sister Sciences – Yoga and Ayurveda – are numerous (please see benefits) but can be summarized in one word:


As you learn to be in harmony with Nature and your Self, you start to experience an overall sense of wellness and happiness that is rooted and grows from inside you and is expressed by the way you live your life.


A Journey to your true self

In a way, both Yoga and Ayurveda take you on an ongoing journey that leads you, in every moment, to your true Self.

timeforone in leh beautiful man readingThere is no end goal per se. Only because, health is also not an end goal. Health is an ongoing, daily state of being, which is so aptly described in one of my son’s children books (“Zu Besuch beim Kinderatz”) that states ,“health is a constant balancing act.”

You will keep learning what is good for you and what is not and how to use this knowledge wisely in order to live in a state of health and wellbeing so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Sometimes, you fall off the balancing rope. But like everything in life, you learn from it, get up and start again. The more you are aware of the process, the more you practice and the better you will get.

The Private Health Program is a wonderful opportunity for those among you who like to take their heath and wellbeing into their own hands. Who are ready to take responsibility for their own choices and actions and are willing to learn, grow and let go of a few old habits that are not always there for your highest good.


Chance and Challange

The Private Health Program is for the person who would like to learn how patience, routine, rhythm and discipline could take you further than a quick fix. These fast-track paths may show an immediate result, but they don’t target the underlying source of the symptoms and therefore, don’t provide a long-term solution.

As a result of my two decades of experience in this field, I find the traditional one-on-one setting is the most efficient way to teach Yoga and pass along the Ayurvedic knowledge.

Yoga, Sport, Fitness, janu sirsasana, Kopf Knie Pose, Head to knie pose, Mudra jin“I just discussed with a friend the journey of Yoga that I started with you since August. I told her that I have learned more from our five private Yoga sessions than from two years of open Yoga classes in a Yoga studio. Even though I experienced the benefits of Yoga during and maybe right after the open Yoga classes, it didn’t seem to touch my daily life. Now since I am with you, I have the feeling that Yoga is also in my daily life, touching me in different situations. It is with me always and that not only while I am with you.”                                                                                                                                

– Daniela Pisak Nov. 2015


More than a course of individual sessions: A Program

I use the word “Program” since the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits attributed to Yoga and Ayurveda cannot be experienced merely with a one-time class or session. You wouldn’t expect to master the science of mathematics or the art of classical ballet in the course of a few months!

The Yogic techniques and Ayurvedic wisdom of life needs to be learned and woven into one’s regular daily habits slowly, over an extended periods of time. This path requires a long-term commitment to learning that starts a transformational process which can extend over several months or more accurately conveyed, over several years.

When this regular practice is developed some benefits can be felt immediately and others take a while. How can you expect to change in a few sessions, what has taken you 20 years to build up?

Cleaning procedures for the body. enema cleansing language, homeopathic pills and nasal irrigation“I now understand that it is simply not possible to apply the wisdom of Ayurveda all at once. It is simply not possible! It takes time to find it’s way into my life and for me to adjust to it and learn from it.”

 – DDr. A Borbely, after 8 months into the Ayurvedic Program


So in summary, it takes time, effort and also some financial commitment to embark on the journey of the Private Yoga and Ayurveda Program. However, in the end, you may find this investment can save you both time and money by avoiding, the sometimes exhaustive search, of hopping around and collecting from many different schools and teachers.

What took me more than twenty-five years to learn in the field of holistic health disciplines, I have collected and have consolidated a therapy program that is both individualized and easy to follow. What you get out of it is summarized in two words:

Yourself and Health!

In my point of view, this is worth our combined efforts!

How to get started?

Introduction Class:                                             2h30min    Euro 250,-

During this first meeting we have plenty of time to get to know each other.

In this 2h30min session we will start with a first trial Yoga practice and conclude with a good long talk. Please tell me about yourself in general and as well as your individual needs and wishes specifically. I will ask you about your expectations and goals concerning Yoga, Ayurveda and health. You will also get a first impression of my style of teaching. We discuss the Private Health Program and how it can ideally meet your expectations. I explain the course content, format and general course policy.

If all goes well and we both have the feeling that we could work well with each other, we can then set up the times and dates of your 1st Private Yoga course block and the two separate Initial Ayurvedic Consultation Meeting.