Let’s-Get-Started Package

Have you red and informed yourself enough- and would you like to get started?

The “Let’s-Get-Started”- package is an offer for everybody who is ready for something new and who wants to integrate Ayurveda into their lives.


It Consists of:

An Initial Visit with a Talk and a first Treatment    2 hours 30 minutes

A Follow-up Treatment 1                          1 hour 30minutes

A Follow-up Treatment 2                          1 hour  30minutes


What happens during the Initial Visit?

During this first meeting we have plenty of time to get to know each other.

In this 2h 30min session we will start with a good long talk and conclude with a first trial Ayurveda treatment. Please tell me about yourself in general and your individual needs and specific wishes. I will ask you about your expectations and goals concerning Ayurveda and health. You will also get a first impression of my work. We will discuss topics according to your interest: the Private Self-Care Program (with focus on treatments alone) and the Private Health Program (with focus on all aspects of Ayurveda and Yoga) and how it can ideally meet your expectations. I will explain the treatment/course content, format and general course policy.

First and Second Follow-up Treatments                  

These first three treatments are ideally done within a time frame of 7-10 days or one treatment a week for three consecutive weeks.


Addressing and adjusting the widely known and natural healing curve that arises according to ones own body with possible healing flare-ups that can sometimes occur.

  • The maximum benefits of the therapy can be felt and experienced.
  • Client and therapist can establish a relationship of trust and familiarity.
  • The client’s body learns to let go more deeply with each visit
  • After three sessions, the client and the therapist can form sound judgments as to the benefits of the chosen therapy according to the client’s wellbeing or if it certain requests or needs warrant adjustments.

It forms the beginning of an ongoing self-care program and healing process.

If all goes well in these first visits and we both have the feeling that we could work well with each other, we can then set up the times and dates of your personalized  Ayurvedic Self-Care Program or an Ayurvedic Health Program.


An Initial Talk and an Initial Treatment    2 hours 30 minutes

A Follow-up Treatment 1                          1 hour 30minutes

A Follow-up Treatment 2                          1 hour  30minutes

A total of 5hours 30minutes:                                   Euro 495,-