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Ayurveda-Yoga Coaching

What my clients say:

Our coaching has helped Marie to achieve more clarity, satisfaction and courage! Our tools give her more independence and her energy level remains consistently high.

How Paula regained control of her health with Ayurveda-Yoga Coaching and simply has more stability.

For Ulli, the most important thing about our Ayurveda-Yoga Coaching  is to have brought a clear structure back into her life. But much more has changed!

With our Ayurveda-Yoga coaching sessions, Julia managed to be as fit after her second birth as never before.

Namasté, I am a certified and registered Yoga teacher in Wienna(E-RYT 500) that specializes in Private Yoga Classes which adapts the traditional Yoga curriculum to the specific needs of each student.

What I really appreciate teaching in a traditional One-on-one Yoga setting is: to be able to adapt the Yoga teachings perfectly to each individual student’s specific needs and to acknowledge their specific life situation and health concerns. I therefore can provide a high quality approach to teaching Yoga. We work on building up a correct and safe Yoga practice from which you have the freedom to continue to build a proper base of a strong core foundation in Yoga. If you already have an existing Yoga practice, I continue from where you have left off. For more details on benefits please click here.

I have developed a Private Yoga Training system that utilizes a Classic Yoga curriculum, but expands and adapts it to suit your unique needs in every phase of your life. Once I know more about you, your physical possibilities and limitations, your personal, professional and spiritual goals as well as your wishes and ideas. I can develop a personalized Yoga Program that will guide you step-by-step into the depths and diversity of Yoga.

Woman meditating in the lotus position closeupIn the beginning, the main emphasis of each class is:

  • Yoga Asana practice (physical postures)
  • Pranayama practice (breathing exercises)
  • Relaxation techniques

Then I add:

  • Visualization techniques
  • Meditation techniques

Based on each student’s interest, also included is:

  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga Psychology

If you experience unusual amounts of stress and have a personal or spiritual crisis, I can use my knowledge and experience as a Certified Clinical Ayurveda Specialist (Ancient Medical system from India) to address and prevent stress related symptoms such as, muscle pain, digestive problems, extreme fatigue, depression, anxiety, burn-out, insomnia etc.

Thanks to my specialized training in Yoga of the Heart, I can adapt the Yoga practice into a holistic model that addresses the specific needs of those that suffer from chronic illness such as, cancer and heart disease. For more information, please go to Healing Yoga.

pregnant woman

I am a mother of two little boys and a trained Doula (DONA international) so I have also developed a special Pre-and Postnatal Yoga Program , that can guide a young mother holistically through the different stages of pregnancy, birth and post-birth.

I am a very dedicated Yoga teacher and practitioner, with over 20 years of experience, who enjoys working with motivated and sincere students (link to Portrait page).

I consider myself fortunate to be able to share my love of Yoga and life with everyone who wants to experience the ancient healing wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda in their own lives.

More information on the Private Yoga Program finden Sie hier.

For how you can benefit from Yoga and what the advantages of Private Yoga are please continue to read  here.


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Verena Gayatri Primus