Training Program

Private Yoga Training Program

An individual based Yoga program for personal or professional use

By Gayatri

Young woman holding a yoga matYour yoga practice can become a perfect companion to manage stress and the high demands of an increasingly fast and competitive life style.


You can learn to be with the rhythm of your breath, the silence and the wisdom inherent in you! What you are receiving in return for your commitment and sincerity is health and vitally, calm and clarity and a deeper connection to your own inner teacher.

Please go to Benefits of Yoga for more details.


Traditionally yoga was taught one-on-one from teacher to student.

The Yoga teacher imparted their knowledge according to the student’s temperament, individual speed of learning and level of resistance.







Regular weekly classes build the basis of this ongoing individualized Yoga Training.

  • This training teaches the basic building blocks of Yoga based on the classic teachings of Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga.
  • The course also draws from the sister science of Ayurveda, the classical Indian science of life and health.
  • Step-by-step a solid foundation is built, leading towards a profound and regular personalized self-practice.
  • We find out what style of Yoga suits your temperament and is most balancing to your constitution and state of health.


DSC_5238You will learn to practice yoga the way it was traditionally intended; alone at home in silence listening to your own body and mind.

The knowledge that is acquired can be solely used for personal reasons or as enhancement to your professional skills. For example, doctors, nurses, midwifes, psychologists, life couches, Yoga teachers and Ayurvedic practitioners etc. can make use of this training as a professional education program and therefore it is tax-deductible.






Please go to Private Yoga Individual for more information on the course format.


My Gift to You

What took me more than 20 years to learn and find out, I have put together into an easy to learn, individualized Private Yoga Training.

My many decades of training in the classical Yoga & Ayurvedic systems of knowledge, combined with a broad range of contemporary spiritual practices, offer a full spectrum of ancient and modern wisdom.

Golden sunset and dandelion, meditative zen backgroundMy wish for my students is to help you think outside the box, to plant the seeds of freedom and to help you become independent of me as a teacher by learning to apply these tools in your own life.

The value of our time together is only measured by the value you place in your regular self practice and to which extent you allow it to touch you and your life!

How You get started

Introduction Class – 75min Yoga practice and 75 min talk

In this Intro class we get to know each other. You can tell me about your individual and professional needs and vision.

I will explain in detail how the training works. The individual course blocks, the format and the general course policy; including handouts for you to review at home.

We can then set up the times and dates of your personalized 1st course block.

Price: 2h30min     Euro   250,-